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Straightforward pricing

Experience clarity and simplicity with Pactima's pricing. You're only charged for what you need, without any hidden fees. This transparency allows you to manage your budget with confidence, ensuring you're never caught off guard.

Unlimited users at no additional cost

Expand your team on Pactima without worrying about extra charges. This feature supports your growth by enabling unlimited collaboration among team members, all under one account, at no extra cost.

MISMO Certification

Trust in the security and compliance of Pactima, a MISMO-certified platform. This certification means that Pactima meets the highest standards for secure and compliant data exchange within the real estate finance industry, offering you peace of mind.

Mobile-friendly signing

Get documents notarized from anywhere, on any device, with Pactima's mobile-friendly signing process. This convenience allows you to complete documents without the hassle of app downloads, providing a modern experience that meets your expectations.

Integrated identity verification with biometrics

Secure your signing process with Pactima's integrated identity verification, including biometrics. This advanced feature ensures the authenticity of all parties involved, aligning with stringent regulatory requirements and adding an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.

Comprehensive support and training

Leverage Pactima to its full potential with our extensive support and training. Whether you're getting started or need ongoing assistance, our dedicated team is here to guide you, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.


What is remote online notarization (RON)?

RON is a type of notarization where the signer(s) appear before the notary using an online audio-visual platform to sign and notarize documents electronically.

How do users know if RON is allowed in the area where there is a closing?

Determining if a state is RON-eligible is no small feat. Individual states create unique laws requiring users to navigate a patchwork of regulations and guidelines. Pactima created the Eligibility Engine to help determine whether a loan or entire loan portfolio is eligible for RON, in-person electronic notarization (IPEN), or eRecording. It is exclusively available through the Pactima digital mortgage platform and automatically aggregates laws and emergency measures at the town, county, and state levels. It immediately informs which transaction types are available for each loan.

In which states is RON legal?

Here’s a list of states where RON is legal.

How difficult is it for title companies to adopt RON?

Adding RON to existing workflows is straightforward and easy with WiFi-enabled computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Most RON and digital mortgage platforms are cloud-based, making documents and information accessible anywhere, at any time. There is a training component inherent to learning any new technology, but onboarding with the right RON partner should come with onboarding support, training, and troubleshooting.

Is RON secure?

“Going RON” doesn’t mean sacrificing security. In fact, the safety measures enacted with RON may be more secure than a traditional in-person notarization closing. First, RON helps eliminate the risk of fraud through better identity authentication. Audio-visual technology records and saves every notarization session, and all signers, notaries, and closing participants must have their identities verified through KBA or credential analysis before the signing takes place. Second, when conducting a RON closing, the platform you’ve chosen to work with will ensure that fully executed closing documents are tamper-sealed and therefore, can’t be altered after everyone leaves the closing table. Pactima, for example, takes safeguarding one step further and produces an accompanying digital audit trail that could serve you well in the unfortunate event of litigation post-closing. Lastly, all documents are sent or stored electronically for an extra layer of defense.

What is knowledge-based authentication (KBA)?

KBA stands for knowledge-based authentication, which is a layered safeguard to ensure the identity of a signer. KBA is designed to reduce fraud and provide a secure experience for all parties. In a KBA session within the Pactima platform, Signers will first enter their current address, as well as date of birth. Signers are then asked five questions in a two-minute period. To pass, four out of five questions must be answered correctly. Signers will be given two attempts to pass. if they do not pass in either attempt, they are required to wait 24 hours before they are able to try again. This is a MISMO® regulation.

What technology is used for remote online notarization?

Remote online notarization is the electronic notarization of official mortgage documents and, at a minimum, requires audio-visual technology. In addition to audio-visual technology, multi-factor authorization, electronic witnessing, ID verification, eSignature, digital notary seals, and eRecording make for an even more seamless and secure digital closing experience.

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