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Customer support has been exceptional. Whenever I reach out on the support chat, my questions are answered very quickly. Before Pactima it was always soft copies
Pactima is a great product for virtual signing. We like it best for real estate transactions but have also used it contracts. The customer service is also outstanding. A+
Financial and Legal Service eSignature

Financial Services

Flexible and simplified eSigning for even the most challenging situations
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Cinch the deal with practical eSignature solutions.
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Real Estate and Sales eSignature

Real Estate

Close deals in a fraction of the time within one comprehensive eSignature platform.
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Legal services

Helping Law Firms of any and every size with straightforward and secure document signing.
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Dynamic eSigning tools for fast paced environments.
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Human Resources

eSigning made to fit in with modern workflows. Whether that’s remote, in office or a little bit of both - our solutions cover it all.
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Live eSignature

The perfect balance. Combine video calling with live document signing within one secure platform, with no downloads or apps required.

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In-Person eSignature

Just like traditional in the room signing, but made better.

Digitally sign documents in person, via a tablet such as an iPad or Microsoft Surface, with no pesky software or apps to download.
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Standard eSignature

Simple signing for everyday agreements.

Effortless eSigning for when there is no requirement for amendments, multiple signers or witnesses. No apps or software to download, just easy signing in two clicks of a button.

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Virtual Signing Network

Total control of multiple locations from a single base.

Create and manage a network of signing rooms from a centralized location. Replicate a smooth customer experience throughout every site, from the comfort of your own desk.
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Never skimping with security. We’re in charge, to protect you and your clients.

Our platform is proprietary owned, meaning we made it. We don’t use any third parties to handle your documents or information. We believe in reducing security risks to give you maximum trust and confidence in us to do exactly as we say we will.

  • Industry leading security standard and infrastructure
  • Customizable data residency
  • Robust data retention and deletion policies
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Pactima highest priority security and privacy
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