Secure eSignatures for Any Occasion
Pactima is your all-in-one solution for remote real-time video-signing, standard e-signing, and in-person digital signing.
Live eSignatures™  for Remote Agreements
Combine video conferencing with real-time document signing to get precious face-to-face time with your clients, thus ensure compliance and build trust in a secure and efficient manner.
In-person eSignatures Using a Tablet
Sign documents in-person without having to print, scan, or fax. You can use a tablet (e.g. iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, etc.) without the need to download an application.
Save money on reduced paper costs
Consolidate remote and in-person signing processes
Increase workflow efficiencies
Meet in-person signing requirements while keeping processes digital
Standard eSignatures for Everyday Agreements
Live video or witnessing not required for your agreement? No problem. Pactima supports standard eSignature capabilities for the everyday agreement.
Comprehensive audit trails
Flexible workflows
Team management
Canadian-grade Data Security
Pactima handles your data privacy and security with the utmost care to ensure compliance and comfort as you perform mission-critical tasks.
Industry-leading security standards and infrastructure
Canada-based data residency
Robust data retention and deletion policies

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