Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Securely notarize agreements remotely without any hassle

Pactima’s RON empowers in-house, independent notaries, and signing services to perform compliant and secure RON transactions in an easy to use and flexible manner.

Why businesses use Pactima's RON

Delight your clients with convenience

Empower your clients to securely notarize documents anytime, anywhere, using any device. Our frictionless signing experience eliminates the need for physical presence, perfectly aligning with digital-first preferences and remote work environments.

Reduce document turnaround and processing times

Streamline sensitive transactions by bringing notarization in-house. By integrating notarization into your existing workflow, you maintain control over the process, ensuring smooth and efficient client transactions.

Enhance security and prevent fraud

Safeguard your transactions with advanced identity verification methods, including biometric authentication, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), and IP address controls. Comprehensive audio-visual recordings of each notarization session provide a thorough audit trail, ensuring the integrity of every transaction.

Maintain brand consistency and control

Keep the notarization process in-house to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience that reflects your brand's unique values and style. Our user-friendly platform and streamlined onboarding process enable your team to adopt RON easily, empowering them to provide exceptional service to your clients.

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Powerful features to keep your business moving

ID Verification with Biometrics

Automate ID and age authentication using biometric data, from a simple selfie and live video. With an easy to use flow, from QR code to upload of identification.

KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication)

Go further to verify identity with auto generated, personalized questions, dynamically pulled from official state sources for the highest level of security and authenticity.

Digital Certification

Use Pactima's integrated PKI certificate for your notaries, or import a third party certificate. Easily attach your IGC certificate and notary seal for full and final validation of documents.

Flexible Live Ceremony

Screen share, edit and annotate documents live with your clients, as though they were in the room, before final signing off.

Audit Trail

Fully recordable sessions which are tracked and time-stamped for defensible proof of access, review and signature. With a fully downloadable audit trail to ensure security.

API Integrations

Seamlessly integration into the tools and systems you use with our APIs and webhooks to automate repeatable workflows such as triggering a notarial session.

Multi-industry coverage

Pactima's RON solution empowers businesses across various sectors to streamline their notarization processes.

Law firms and legal tech


Health & Medical


Health & Medical

Education and Higher-ed

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MISMO Certified

The Pactima platform meets MISMO RON standards and best practices, so you can conduct remote notarization with confidence.

Where is RON available?



What is included in the transactional cost?

The transactional cost with Pactima covers a range of features and services, including:

  • Authentication: This includes IDV (Identity Verification) and KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) to ensure a secure and reliable transaction.
  • Multiple Signers: You can have up to 10 signers per transaction, facilitating more comprehensive agreements.
  • No Stamp Charges: We do not levy any charges for stamps, making the process cost-effective.
  • Storage: All transaction results, such as recordings and signed documents, are stored securely at no additional cost.
I need a document notarized, does Pactima offer notarial services?

Pactima does not directly offer notarial services. Instead, we supply the technology that enables notaries to efficiently carry out these services themselves.

Does Pactima provide leads to notaries?

No, Pactima is primarily a technology provider that specializes in services for notaries. We do not offer lead generation for notaries. Our focus is on delivering unbiased services that help facilitate the independent business operations of notaries and signing services.

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