Live eSignatures™

Combine video calling and live document signing within one secure platform.

Integrate video calling with live document signing in one secure, seamless platform for powerful virtual signing workflows.

Why teams use Pactima’s Live eSignatures for their virtual signing needs

Delight your clients with convenience

Empower your clients to securely notarize documents anytime, anywhere, using any device. Our frictionless signing experience eliminates the need for physical presence, perfectly aligning with digital-first preferences and remote work environments.

Reduce document turnaround and processing times

Streamline sensitive transactions by bringing notarization in-house. By integrating notarization into your existing workflow, you maintain control over the process, ensuring smooth and efficient client transactions.

Enhance security and prevent fraud

Safeguard your transactions with advanced identity verification methods, including biometric authentication, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), and IP address controls. Comprehensive audio-visual recordings of each notarization session provide a thorough audit trail, ensuring the integrity of every transaction.

Watch how Pactima’s Live eSignature works

Powerful Live eSignatures features to keep your firm moving

Easy to learn, easier to use

Powerful for hosts, effortless for signers. With an intuitive interface, hosts can quickly upload documents and invite signers, while signers can navigate and sign without any prior training. No software or app downloads necessary.

Flexible Live Ceremony

Walk through the details together with real-time cursor sharing. Make amendments or annotations live for everyone to see. Sign documents simultaneously, all completely live in video for unparalleled transparency.

Integrated and seamless ID verification

Streamline ID and age authentication with biometric data, using just a selfie and live video. User-friendly flow, from QR code to identification upload, makes the process a breeze.

Powerful collaboration features

Work seamlessly with your team to prepare and manage  packages. Share access, assign roles, and track progress across the team. View and edit packages collaboratively, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Uncompromising security

Industry-leading security standards ensure peace of mind. Two-factor authentication/OTP for signers and fully recordable live sessions provide an extra layer of protection. All live calls are tracked and time-stamped, providing defensible proof of access, review, and signature.

API and webhook integrations

Streamline your document signing processes with powerful automation features. Leverage webhooks and API to integrate with your existing systems, enabling automatic triggering of signing requests, routing documents to the right people, and keeping your workflows moving smoothly.

API IntegrationsAPI IntegrationsAPI IntegrationsAPI IntegrationsAPI Integrations

Make more connections by integrating with awesome tools you know and love to super-charge your workflows. Reach out to us to learn more about our APIs.

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