Perform remote real-time
agreements seamlessly
One platform to view and sign your documents while simultaneously hosting a secured video call.
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Transform your agreement process with Live eSignatures™
Sign documents simultaneously
With Pactima, the days of playing hot potato with multiple versions of one document are over. We put everyone in the same space at the same time, to make signing easy.
Improve your customer engagement
By simplifying the process without compromising security or trust, Pactima ensures that your customer’s digital experience is the best it can possibly be.
Always compliant, never complacent
Pactima simplifies witnessing and ensures there is no need for paper mail. Less liability for you means more peace of mind for your clients.
Product Features
Secure Video Conferencing
Connect via video and chat for compliance or client engagement needs.
Integrated File Sharing
Keep files and important transaction documents in one place.
Audit Trails
Tracking and time-stamping for defensible proof of access, review, and signature.
Two-factor Authentication / OTP for Signers
Easily add two-factor authentication for signers by the using Pactima's securely generated one-time passwords.
Team Management
Manage your team, invite team members and assign appropriate subscription plans.

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