Virtual Signing Network

Total control of multiple locations from a single base

Create and manage a network of signing rooms from a centralized location. Replicate a smooth customer experience throughout every site, from the comfort of your own desk.

Centralized service

Made for any business with multiple locations and one finance function. Ease the workload with a network of custom signing rooms that are easily managed remotely, but still offering the same level of security and compliance.

A unified offering

Standardize excellent levels of customer service by easily replicating their experience with every signing no matter their local branch or location.

Private & personal

Remote signing that’s still personal and secure. Dedicate in branch rooms for signing to connect with an official for safe eSignature.

Sign together in confidence, with In-Person eSignature

Organized and straightforward

Set up multiple signing rooms, with no limit. Easily keep all locations separate with unique naming for easy referencing and co-ordinate signing from just one place.

Multiple devices

Connect each room to multiple devices for video conferencing and signing. This could be an iPad with a screen or any other variation.

Intuitively designed

With no software or apps to download, just login and upload documents to get started. Add in cover letters, attachments or any backing information as you need it.

Always secure

We take security seriously, with industry leading standards. Providing two-factor authentication/OTP for signers. All sessions are tracked and time-stamped for defensible proof of access, review and signature.

Plus Pactima’s global features included with any of our products

Stamps, signatures and initials

Add company stamps to documents when needed and save signatures and initials to apply when signing.

Calendar management

Schedule signing sessions through the platform and integrate effortlessly with your calendar and email provider. Never miss a deadline with Pactima.


Save regularly used documents as well as functionality to populate personalized fields, either manually or with a CSV file upload.

Team management

Allow team members varying levels of access and easily assign through subscription management.

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