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Using Remote Online Notarization for Affidavits of Service

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Remote Online Notarization (RON)
Joel Kapongo

In the world of process serving, Affidavits of Service, also known as Proof of Service, play a crucial role in ensuring the proper delivery and documentation of legal documents. These affidavits serve as legal evidence that the documents have been successfully served to the intended recipient, making the service admissible in court. Without a properly executed Affidavit of Service, legal proceedings may be delayed or even invalidated. Traditionally, this process has been paper-based, requiring process servers to physically sign and notarize these affidavits. However, with the advent of Remote Online Notarization (RON), process servers now have a powerful tool to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

Remote Online Notarization allows documents, including Affidavits of Service, to be notarized electronically without the need for physical presence. RON platforms enable notaries to remotely verify the identity of signers, witness document signing, and affix their electronic signature and seal to the notarized documents. This technology-driven solution offers numerous benefits for process servers.

Firstly, RON significantly increases efficiency by eliminating the need for travel and reducing the time required for notarization. Process servers can complete their Proof of Service documents more quickly, allowing them to handle a higher volume of serves and improve their overall productivity.

Secondly, RON helps process servers save costs associated with travel, printing, and storage of paper documents. By digitizing the Affidavit of Service process, process servers can reduce their operational expenses and allocate resources more effectively.

Furthermore, RON enhances accessibility by enabling process servers to participate in notarization sessions from any location with an internet connection. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for process servers who operate across multiple jurisdictions or those who serve clients in remote areas.

When choosing a RON provider, process servers should consider factors such as platform features, compatibility with existing systems, compliance with state regulations, and pricing. API and WebHooks integration is crucial for achieving significant efficiency gains, as it allows for seamless communication between the RON platform and the process server's existing software. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the RON vendor is compliant with regulations in various states. For example, Pactima's RON solution is compliant in the twelve largest states, including Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia.

For nationwide or multi-state process serving operations, leveraging RON-friendly states like Florida can enable efficiency gains even in non-RON states like Georgia and California. This allows process servers to streamline their workflows and improve overall productivity across their entire service area.

Another critical consideration when selecting a RON vendor is pricing. Large volume process servers should look for providers that offer volume discounts to ensure appropriate unit economics. Pactima, for instance, provides attractive volume discounts tailored to the needs of high-volume process serving businesses.

Adequate training should also be provided to team members to ensure they are comfortable with the new procedures and can efficiently utilize the RON platform.

The transition from paper-based Proof of Service to RON may involve the following steps:

  1. Identifying suitable documents, alongside Affidavits of Service, that are eligible for electronic notarization.
  2. Choosing a RON provider that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution tailored to the needs of process servers, with robust API and WebHooks integration, compliance with regulations in key states, and attractive pricing options for high-volume users.
  3. Training team members on the use of the RON platform to ensure efficient management of remote notarization sessions.

Remote Online Notarization offers process servers a compelling solution for streamlining Affidavits of Service, reducing costs, and improving accessibility. By embracing RON for Proof of Service documents, process servers can unlock new levels of efficiency and provide a more convenient experience for their clients.

As the legal industry continues to evolve, process servers who adopt innovative technologies like RON will be well-positioned to meet the changing needs of their clients and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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